CIAEM 8 - Inter-American Conference on Mathematics Education

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Konferenz: Inter-American Conference on Mathematics Education (CIAEM 8). Recife, Brasilien. Internet: Inter-American Conference on Mathematics Education

Termin: 26. - 30. Juni 2011


IACME XII will take place at the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Recife, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. The themes, a tentative Schedule and most of the plenary sessions for the academic program have been defined. This IACME will provide a special place for young professionals and students in math education.



  1. Preparation of Math Teachers
  2. Problem Solving and Modeling in Math


  1. Technology and Teaching of Math
  2. History and Epistemology of Math Education
  3. Ethnomathematics and Sociocultural Perspectives
  4. Curriculum Development in Mathematics
  5. Evaluation of Mathematical Learning
  6. Research in Math Education
  7. Professional Competencies in Math Education
  8. Statistics and Probability in Math Education
  9. Geometry in Math Education
  10. Algebra in Math Education
  11. Differential and Integral Calculus in Math Education
  12. International Comparative Studies of Math Tests
  13. Sociology of Math Education
  14. Videos and Multimedia and Math Education
  15. New Emphases and Tendencies in Math Education
  16. Science Education and Math Education: connections.
  17. Math Education, diversity of languages and culture
  18. Math Education in the Elementary School (grades 1 to 6)
  19. Math Education in Preschool


Keynote lectures

Plenary round tables

IACME XIII had 3 plenary round tables on important themes to Math Education in the Americas.

Plenary Table 1: How Should Teacher Preparation in Math Education Be Based in Problem Solving?

Plenary Table 2: The Intellectual Contributions of Ubiratan D'Ambrosio to Math Education

Plenary Table 3: What Has Been the Impact of Technology on Curricula in Math Education

Featured plenary session. IACME: 50 years