PME Regional Conference 2019 - Technology and Psychology for Mathematics Education

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Konferenz: (PME RegConf 2019). Moskau, Russland. Internet: [1]

Termin: 18. - 21. März 2019


This conference is based on an initiative of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME). Themed ‘Technology and Psychology for Mathematics Education’, it is co-organized with Yandex, Russia’s leading technology company, and takes place on March 18-21 in Moscow. The conference invites contributions looking at technology as a challenge for mathematics education of the future and psychology as the groundwork for research-based educational practice. This conference aims to facilitate a dialogue between mathematics education community in Russia and international researchers in mathematics education. It is designed to both cater to the interests of researchers, and promote mathematics education to a broader audience. The conference’s first day will invite general public to attend an exciting program of popular lectures and activities, while the other three days will offer an agenda aimed at researchers and educators.

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