SEMT 2017 - International Symposium - Elementary Mathematics Teaching 2017

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Konferenz: International Symposium - Elementary Mathematics Teaching 2017 (SEMT2017). Prag, Tschechien. Internet: International Symposium - Elementary Mathematics Teaching 2017

Termin: 20. - 25. August 2017


We cordially invite you to participate in the fourteenth bi-annual conference on Elementary Mathematics Teaching, SEMT '17, which is to be held from August 20-25, 2017, in Prague. The programme will focus on the teaching of mathematics to children within the age-range 5-12 years. The symposium comprises plenary lectures, presentation of papers, and workshops. The symposium language is English.


The theme of SEMT '17 is 'Equity and diversity in elementary mathematics education' .


International Programme Committee

  • Brian Doig (Australia)
  • Rose Griffiths (United Kingdom)
  • Alena Hospesova (Czech Republic)
  • Olive Chapman (Canada), Chair
  • Marie-Pierre Chopin (France)
  • Antonin Jancarik (Czech Republic)
  • Esther Levenson (Israel)
  • Jarmila Novotna (Czech Republic)
  • Marta Pytlak (Poland)
  • Petra Scherer (Germany)


  • Herbert Ginsburg (USA): Stories about mathematics storybooks for young children
  • Mellony Graven (South Africa): Blending elementary mathematics education research with development for equity - an ethical imperative enabling qualitatively richer data
  • Esther Levenson (Israel): Promoting mathematical creativity in heterogeneous classes
  • Stanislav Stech (Czech Republic): Pupils' declared attitudes towards mathematics, their motivation and achievement