YESS 6 - Sixth Yerme Summer School

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Konferenz: Sixth Yerme Summer School (YESS-6). Faro, Portugal. Internet: Sixth Yerme Summer School

Termin: 22. - 29. August 2012


In line with the ERME Manifesto, the aims of the Summer School are:

  • To let people from different countries meet and establish a friendly and co- operative style of work in the field of mathematics education research;
  • To let people compare and integrate their preparation in the field of mathemat- ics education research in a peer discussion climate with the help of highly qualified and differently oriented experts;
  • To let people present their research ideas, theoretical difficulties, methodologi- cal problems, and preliminary research results, in order to get suggestions (from other participants and experts) about possible developments, different perspectives, etc. and open the way to possible connections with nearby re- search projects and co-operation with researchers in other countries.